Lloyd Marcus versus Black Lives Matter

My fellow Americans, it is outrageous that our president of the United States is leading the charge against America's cops by promoting the lie that cops murder blacks at will.  Our evil, manipulative, smooth-tongued instigator-in-chief had the audacity to say the only way for cops to be safer is to admit they have a problem.

Folks, Obama's statement is a standard Democrat trick.  First they create a false premise.  Then, with help from their buddies in the mainstream media, Democrats brand everyone who does not embrace their false premise a hater, divisive, intolerant, bigoted, and mean-spirited.

If Obama can con cops into embracing his lie that cops are racist and murder blacks, it will further open the door for Obama to take over (federalize) our nation's police  another Democratic Party attack on states' rights.  By the way, Obama's DOJ has already infiltrated 30 police departments nationwide.

Can you believe that Obama invited Black Lives Matter to our White House and praised the despicable thugs for their “outstanding work”?

Crooked Hillary addressed the NAACP and spread Obama's same evil murder-inspiring lie about our brave men and women in blue.  These people (Obama and Hillary) are pure evil, folks.

Please view and spread this video in which I tell the truth about Black Lives Matter, a vile, evil hate group.

In the near future, I will host a Blue Lives Matter Rally to counter the hatred for cops coming from the White House and Black Lives Matter.  Please help.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee