Let us weep for Glenn Beck

In what can only be understood as a cry from a broken heart, media entrepreneur Glenn Beck told Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that if Ted Cruz endorses Donald Trump – even a “soft endorsement” – Beck “will officially have no person in Washington that I can trust.”

Here is the video:

I doubt that I will be the first to welcome Glenn to the TrustNobodyinDC Club.  But I have to wonder how many people in politics he has trusted, and for how long.  Is politics for him a drama of heroes and villains?  Has he just discovered that his heroes have feet of clay?  If so, well, better late than never.

They’re just a bunch of flawed human beings trying to do well for themselves, and incidentally for the nation, when possible or helpful to the primary motive.

I remain struggling to grasp the emotional dimensions of the hatred for Trump.  Many NeverTrumpers seem to regard him as a contagion, capable of corrupting the otherwise virtuous GOP (or conservatism), and so to be resisted to the end.

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