Isaiah Crowell and the NFL’s values

Ever hear of Isaiah Crowell? He a mediocre three-year running back for the Cleveland Browns who posted a graphic of a hooded figure dressed in black in the process of slashing the throat of a police office with his hands tied behind his back.

For context, Crowell made his terrorist posting just before five Dallas police officers were murdered in an ambush in Dallas on July 7 and another three officers killed in Baton Rouge ten days later.  It was also two weeks before the Republican National Convention starting on July 18 in Cleveland, a city gearing up for months for massive protests and possible (probable?) violence.

There are even vile groups like the Black Panthers openly bragging they will be openly carrying firearms as they protest at the Republican convention.  The head of the Cleveland Police union has asked Gov. John Kasich to ban open firearm carry at the convention in light of the murder spree of police officers, but to no avail.  The Ohio governor, who himself is boycotting his party's convention, claims that his hands are tied.

Back to Crowell.  In his own way (and much like President Obama in his), Crowell deliberately and with forethought added fuel to the racial fire that is growing by the day in America.

So what punishment, you might ask, did the NFL or Cleveland Browns inflict on Crowell for his inflammatory posting?  After all, this is the NFL, which suspended a superstar like Tom Brady for four games for allegedly knowing that there was not enough air [rather than too much air –ed.] in a football. 

It probably won't surprise you to learn that Crowell received no punishment really – no suspension, no fines, nothing to date. 

And why?  The stated reason is that Crowell took down his posting and apologized for it.  He also claims he will donate a whopping $35,000 to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.  Are you impressed?  I'm not, and judging from the press in Cleveland, neither are the fans of the Browns.

Of course, that fig leaf of a excuse by supposedly responsible people in the NFL and the Browns organization is paper-thin.  The true reason looks like good old political correctness in the raw. 

The NFL provides great entertainment value for many, but this Crowell incident shows that the league doesn't deserve the all-American image it touts.