Is there a Democrat willing to do a 'Cruz' next week?

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate in 2012.  I like him, and he is a man of his word, as well as very ambitious.  In 2016, I started out hoping that the GOP would nominate one of our outstanding governors but voted for Marco Rubio in the Texas primary because of electability.  In 2016, I will vote for Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton is beyond unacceptable.

Speaking of Mr. Cruz's speech, I am surprised that the Trump campaign gave him a prime-time slot knowing that no endorsement was forthcoming.  In other words, that's what the early afternoon slots are for, when no one is watching on TV and the delegates are at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  What were they thinking at the Trump team?  

Nevertheless, I admire Senator Cruz for being himself.  It is refreshing, although I know a lot of people were angry.

Did Senator Cruz win or lose?  We will have our answer the morning after the election.   

Let's look at next week.  Is there a Democrat with the courage to do what Senator Cruz did?  Is there a member of that party willing to say this on a prime-time slot?

Ladies and gentlemen, vote your conscience... vote for someone who tells the truth not one who's been lying about her emails for the last 12 months... vote for someone who has not been looking for money in places where women are discriminated or homosexuals are executed... vote for someone who walks the talk when it comes to Wall Street... do not vote for someone who supported a trade agreement in 2012 and then deletes it from a revision of her book "Hard choices"... and vote for someone who doesn't pander to everyone in the planet.

It would be nice if there were one honest person in the Democratic Party, or someone willing to put the country over the Clintons!

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