How rampant voter fraud in Minnesota likely changed the course of American politics

But for voter fraud in Minnesota, we would not have Obamacare.  That is the scenario of a case being heard by the Supreme Court of Minnesota, over likely voter fraud that made the difference in the 2008 election of Senator Al Franken, whose vote was absolutely necessary for the passage of Obamacare.  John Hinderaker of Powerline explains:

Here in Minnesota, a case is pending in our Supreme Court that challenges same day registration and various actions by our Democratic Secretary of State that have enabled illegal voting. I haven’t yet had time to evaluate the plaintiffs’ legal arguments, but the factual allegations are explosive:

A new voter fraud case before the Minnesota Supreme Court claims 1,366 ineligible felons have cast at least 1,670 fraudulent votes in recent statewide elections, possibly tipping the outcome of close contests, including the 2008 U.S. Senate race.

The lawyers representing plaintiffs in the case have done a great deal of digging, and have come up with names, dates and places–illegal votes that likely swung Minnesota elections toward Democratic candidates. The illegal votes that plaintiffs have been able to document are only a small fraction of the actual total:

Court papers demonstrate how the incomplete list of ineligible voters provided to local election officials routinely allows felons, wards of the state, immigrants [who are not citizens] and other ineligible persons to register and vote.

“The 1,366 identified felons who have been permitted to vote is believed to be only a fraction of the true total,” the 110 page court petition filed by MVA and former Rep. Kirk Stensrud states. “Cooperation from the Secretary of State would have allowed for a more complete accounting of the number of ineligible persons who have been permitted to vote.”

Directly relevant to the election of Franken:

MVA found 941 ineligible felons who were allowed to vote in 2008 alone, exceeding the 312 vote margin separating DFL candidate Al Franken and GOP Sen. Norm Coleman after a grueling recount.

Felons overwhelmingly vote Democrat (which is why Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is trying to get them on the voter rolls to help elect Hillary), so there is almost no doubt that we can thank illegal votes for Obamacare getting passed into law.

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