Hillary's FBI interview

Charles Krauthammer of Fox News posits the idea that James Comey did not want to be the “fulcrum” in a highly charged political environment and therefore decided not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton lest it influence the election process.  I take exception to that analysis.  It now appears that those in charge of the justice system have decided to allow guilt or innocence to be decided by the vagaries of the election process for selected powerful people.

Have we so descended into governmental corruption that we now allow mob rule to determine who will be permitted to commit transgressions and crimes and who will be sanctioned?  If Krauthammer’s analysis is correct, then for all intents and purposes, we have regressed to the era of the Salem Witch Trials.

While the legal system is designed to gather evidence and then present it to a jury for the determination of guilt or innocence, in this brave new world of political magic, those tried and true methods are no longer valid.  Instead, we are told that the uninformed, misinformed, or deliberately lied to voter is to be tasked with making those judgments at the ballot box.  If the snake oil salesman is persuasive enough in the public arena, then he can basically get away with any crime.   

People continue to attempt to place James Comey in a positive light, but the bottom line is that he is as corrupt as all the other agency heads in the Obama government.  The heads of the IRS, EPA, V.A., and other major agencies simply thumb their noses at all so-called congressional committees, inquiries, and the great mass of unwashed citizens out in flyover land clinging to their guns and Bibles.

Comey’s complicity in this abuse of power and his contempt for the oath he swore to uphold the Constitution is exemplified by his staging of the charade called the Hillary Clinton FBI interview.  Each and every individual called before the FBI in this email investigation was accompanied by at least one attorney, and the interview was recorded.  Hillary Clinton waltzed into the “interview” knowing full well ahead of time that this was a rigged meeting, and that is why there was no personal attorney sitting next to her, advising her, as was the case with her senior aides Abedin and Mills, not to mention Pagliano, who was given immunity. 

They probably did discuss their grandchildren and the weather.  We will never know, because Obama, Lynch, and Comey made sure there was no record to go back to.  With no record, there is no way Clinton can ever be charged with lying to the FBI, a felony, as Comey himself has testified before Congress.  With no record of the interview, there was no way for Comey and his merry men to compare statements from the other players in this Kabuki Theater farce with anything Clinton may have said.

Is there any way that this country can become any more similar to a third-world banana republic?

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