Hillary plays the race card on Dallas police massacre

Hillary Clinton has crafted her response to the slaughter of Dallas policemen to exploit racial resentment and shore up her support among African-Americans.  She needs Obama-levels of turnout and to grab about 92% of the votes in order to win.  She has had trouble whipping up enthusiasm among all demographic slices of the electorate, and she apparently sees black anger at whites as just the thing to motivate voters to turn out, and to quiz their friends, families, and neighbors as to whether they have voted on Election Day.

So Hillary is in effect telling white voters that Dallas is their fault.

On the surface, endorsing listening to fellow Americans seems a worthy sentiment.  But the clear inference to be made from the tweet is that black people have grievances, and that’s why Dallas happened.  She mentioned the same sentiments on whites needing to listen during a long interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, expressing her reaction to the Dallas shootings.  The context is clear.

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