German activist lied about ethnicity of men who raped her to avoid 'racism'

A refugee activist in Germany admitted to lying to police last January about the ethnicity of the men who sexually assaulted her for fear of fueling racism.

Selin Goren, 24, originally told police that she was robbed by a "mixed group" of foreigners and Germans.  But a few hours later, she returned to the police station and admitted she was sexually assaulted by Middle Eastern men.

Washington Times:

Despite the fact that the men were speaking either Kurdish or Farsi, Ms. Goren told officers they were a “mixed group” of foreigners and locals who were speaking German. After her initial interview, she returned to the police 12 hours later to tell them that she was sexually assaulted by the men.

In an interview with Germany’s Spiegel magazine published Sunday, Ms. Goren, who has visited refugee camps in Iraq, said she did not want to stoke more hatred against migrants in Germany, according to a translation by the Daily Mail.

Ms. Goren, however, urged women not to fear political correctness when reporting crimes.

In a Facebook post which she has since deleted from her page, she wrote: “What really hurts me is that it is a fact that the sexist and over the line incident that happened to me will inevitably lead to more aggression and racism,” the Daily Express reported.

“I do not believe that you the refugees are the problem, most of you are wonderful people. You have the same rights as everybody else to be safe and free.”

I'm trying very hard to feel sympathy for this woman, a victim of a violent assault.  But her astonishing disregard for the safety of others in service to her worldview prevents me from feeling much compassion.

The pressure to be politically correct about the refugees must be enormous.  Any deviation from the narrative that these are just harmless people who shouldn't be feared, desperate to start a new life, would have her drummed out of the tribe of refugee activsts.  Besides that, this challenge to that worldview must have been a huge psychological blow.  To find out your entire belief system is wrong through a violent incident must be unsettling.

That she decided to come clean doesn't excuse her original actions.  "Fueling racism" or not, she should have told the truth immediately and let the chips fall where they may.

The bigots will hate regardless of what story is told about the refugees.  They don't need another story about Muslims raping Western women to fuel their bigotry.  But the truth may have made women more cautious when coming into contact with Muslim men.  And that's not bigotry.  That's common sense.

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