Gender Political Correctness Causes Feminists at Michigan State to Whine

Now that the Left’s cultural hegemons have decreed gender to be a fluid thing, a lot feminist victories are in peril. Take, for example, the case of the women-only lounge at the student union of Michigan State University. Victor Skinner at EAGNews recounts the hurt feelings of MSU womyn at the news that the administration plans to reopen it as a gender neutral facility.

Nearly 5,000 students have signed a Change.orgpetition in an attempt to force MSU officials to reconsider plans to do away with the women’s lounge in the MSU Student Union, which they blame on University of Michigan-Flint professor Mark Perry.

“We are petitioning to reinstate the resources directed towards making women feel safe on campus. We are petitioning to take back our study lounge, reinstate the Women’s Resource Center, and the support our Women’s Counsel. Our society has a history of gender inequality and MSU’s community is sadly no exception,” the petition reads.

“Our University has been tarnished by ongoing investigation of mishandling sexual assault cases, of mostly women. The lounge was a space where sexual assault victims could go and feel safe, a space away from their attacker. …

“Now our lounge, the only room on campus where women could relax and just be around other women, is being taken away.”

According to MSU spokesman Jason Cody,

“It is important for our leadership to consider the needs of our transgender community as the decision was made,” he said. “Thus, we decided on an open lounge for all students, rather than adding a male-only lounge.”

There were other pressures as well:

[The petition cites] a civil rights complaint [University of Michigan-Flint professor] Mark Perry filed with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights that points out the blatant sexual discrimination of MSU maintaining a women only lounge when a similar “safe space” is not afforded to male students, reports.

The “selective, double-standard of civil rights enforcement” at MSU violates federal law, Perry wrote in a blog for the American Enterprise Institute.

“When civil rights laws like Title IX are applied to benefit college women with gender parity in sports programs, for example, women vigorously support those laws,” Perry wrote. “But when Title IX legislation is applied to protect the rights of college men and end discrimination at MSU against half of its students, women no longer support Title IX if it means losing their illegal public study space.”

Professor Perry is a member of an important new conservative faction: The Alinsky Right. Conservatives who apply [some of] the tactics advocated by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. In this case, RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

The Left is now the ruling class, so the tactics of an insurgency are the natural mode for conservatives now. One way is to, as the Marxists used to say, "heighten the contradictions" of our foes.

Hat tip: iOTWReport