Four ways academia, elected officials, and activist judges protected the abortion industry in June

Pro-life advocates were reminded throughout the month of June of just how tough our fight is to save the unborn.  Two of the nation's most respected academic journals, Democrats in Congress and the White House, and activist judges made it clear we have a long road ahead. Judicial activism at its finest Judges playing the role of corrupt referees is nothing new in the abortion battles.  On the 27th, we saw five justices on the U.S. Supreme Court declare that modest regulations on abortion facilities are undue burdens on the ability of women to get abortions and thus unconstitutional.  One day later, the same five justices ruled that it was legal and constitutional to force pharmacy owners to provide abortion-inducing drugs and devices, even if they object on religious grounds. On June 30, a judge in Indiana blocked a law that would have banned women from aborting their children due to diagnosed disabilities.  Likewise, a judge in Florida blocked the...(Read Full Post)