How many times did Obama refer to himself while praising Hillary at the DNC?

Skilled Obama watchers know that the real subject of any Obama speech is his own magnificence.  But in case you weren’t clicking a counter held in your hand to note every time the first-person pronoun appeared in a speech by Obama ostensibly about someone else, the good folks at Grabien put together a compilation video.


The total: 119 times

Just for fun, imagine what life will be like for Hillary Clinton if she should actually win the presidency.  With Obama promising to break tradition for ex-presidents and hang out in Washington, D.C. after his term is over, how much advice will he publicly be giving her?  It is no secret that theirs is a relationship of convenience, not personal affection of any sort.

With this level of ego at work in Obama, not to mention her own husband Bill’s presumption that as an experienced president he knows what to do, life as president could be a nightmare for Hillary.

Out of compassion, work to defeat her.  That’s the only humane thing to do.

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