Clinton Cash

Clinton Cash

Director: M.A.Taylor

The important doc to see, talk about, bruit to neighbors and associates afield, is Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash the weapon of choice to launch at the mentally softened, perhaps unthinking, nepotistic, or chauvinist-without-cause HRC voter.

Seen at a private showing with a particular audience in attendance, we hoped C.C. would get maximal showings whether that involves movie venues, TV, cable, or other screenings in the lower 48, Hawaii, and Alaska.

The film originates from the best-selling 2015 eponymous book by Peter Schweizer, detailing his investigation into the 1997 Clinton Foundation’s alleged pay-to-play deluges of cash donations in the millions of dollars for alleged favors by the then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and the concomitant spiked speaker fees for ex-President Bill Clinton.

Clinton Cash outlines the behind-the-scenes money reservoirs that fall into Clintonian hands, be it directly by country leaders or by organizational heads squirreling funds for favors rendered, or via  the Clintons’ “charitable” foundation.  It’s no secret these deals went largely unchallenged, despite “creative accounting” that whitewashed and disappeared many of these windfalls that never made their way to the storm-ravaged or earthquake- or disease-infested victims of calamity.

Divulgence extraordinaire to say that the foundation set up for charitable purposes, so-called, provides a meager 10% of its available monies to actual charities.  Most of the bequests are actually through-lines to other, more open-handed and monitored real charities.

In a sense, the Clinton Foundation parallels Planned Parenthood in that thousands of comprehensive clinics exist that provide multiple health care services, while Planned Parenthood, reaping the annual governmental underwriting bumper crop of close to half a billion of struggling taxpayer dollars, is a thin wedge of a provider.  This is a service provider that, were it to disappear, would make no discernible difference in overall women’s “health,” which proponents seem to conflate with abortion services, not a health care concern at all.  A pregnant woman is not ill.  She is not in need of health care per se.  The ancillary few services provided over abortion are easily trumped by the myriad clinics across the fruited plain.

In just such a fashion, the Clinton Foundation lines its own and staff pockets, deigns to drop a sliver of its impressive foreign funding to a few chosen and often partisan recipient charities.  It boasts a lot of mysterious sources in its 19-year history.

The film covers the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, various African dictatorships, and East Asian satrapies, all of which somehow entertained the Clintons lavishly in one way or another, yet failed, curiously, to notice any dent or appreciable difference in the ordinary populace presumably needing benefits promised by the lustrous headliners being entertained and paid for their “advice” or “aid.”

As a documentary, it is adequate, but the value of the doc lies far beyond an assessment of just its production values and narrative fealty, lushness of cinematography, or the like.  Investigative efforts like this take many hundreds of hours of research, late-night toil, uncomfortable quarters, fact-checking, back-stopping, and…money.

It is a wonder the film or the book got made at all, given the many tricks up the Clintonian sleeves, and the many unexplained disappearances of unwelcome reporters or witnesses, whatevers.

Understandable and SOP that Hillary acolytes and proponents will debunk or try to pooh-pooh the contents.  If only a portion of the film is factual and true, the Clintons are, as Roger Stone’s new book repeatedly characterizes them, epic grifters.  Con men for the ages.

Most of us already knew that.  Still, it is instructive to see how corrupt this imperial family has been and continues to be.  If one is wavering before the coming election, this is more potent, and more damning, than anything connected to Trump steaks, wine, or water.

Look for Clinton Cash from your various providers.  Ask for it at your multiplex.