Don’t you love it when elitist ‘experts’ get egg on their faces?

Predictions of Brexit doom already look foolish.  It’s been a tough year for “experts” drawn from the media and academic elites, but their faceplant over Brexit ranks right up there with America’s punditry getting the Donald Trump nomination completely wrong.

Brits were solemnly lectured by just about everyone that a vote for Brexit would doom their economic future.  Businesses would flee, markets close, and life would get even harder for the economically distressed.

After a couple of days of panic on the stock maret, the doom has failed to materialize.  Quite the reverse, in fact.  Sarah O’Grady of the U.K. Express reports:

Banks and building societies recorded their strongest figures for the month of June for eight years as they handed over £20.7bn of home loans.

hat is a 16 per cent increase compared with May’s total of £17.8bn, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, showing how buyers and movers ignored the Project Fear economic warnings in the run up to the referendum.

And property prices across the UK’s major cities have failed to falter post-Brexit and continue to record double-digit annual growth in June.

Very significantly, the boom is strongest in areas that have suffered under globalization:

The great Northern cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds – where millions of people voted Leave in June’s referendum to exit the EU – are leading the way.

Lower interest rates, improving local economies and higher returns for landlords are making purchases in the North attractive to investors and the market has seen strong growth in the last quarter on the back of more affordable prices compared with the South.

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be experts…

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