DNC sought to hide details of Clinton funding deal with state parties

Some of the more eyeraising emails exposed by Wikileaks have to do with the joint fundraising group, the Hillary Clinton Victory Fund, and how little of the $81 million raised has gone to state Democratic parties that are supposed to benefit from the arrangement. In essence, the Victory Fund was created to get around FEC regulations regarding the cap on donations that apply to these joint fundraising efforts so that the Clinton campaign could receive far more cash than they were supposed to. These were the exact charges made by the Sanders campaign the last few months - that money that was supposed to go to state parties was ending up in Clinton's campaign coffers instead. Politico: The arrangement, called the Hillary Victory Fund, allowed the Clinton campaign to seek contributions of hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend extravagant fundraisers including a dinner at George Clooney’s house and a concert at Radio City Music...(Read Full Post)