Dissenters unfurl huge protest banner at DNC as Kaine takes the stage

The Bernie Sanders faction of the Democrats has not reconciled itself to supporting Hillary Clinton, no matter what the TV commentators and polls claim.  Yesterday, they managed to disrupt the appearance of V.P. nominee Tim Kaine. 

Very few pictures seem to exist of it on the web.  Could that mean a media blackout?

Rachel Stoltzfoos of the Daily Caller noticed, even if the MSM didn’t.

Democrats unfurled a massive banner that read “Election Fraud, #Wikileaks” as vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine took the stage Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention.

The banner hung briefly over the railing just above the section where Vice President Joe Biden is sitting, along with his wife Jill and other VIP guests, directly across from Kaine.

Great placement!  I bet that took some careful planning.

Now, we are supposed to believe that time will heal the wounds between what the Sandersistas see as a corrupt, war-mongering tool of Wall Street and the party’s left.  Maybe for some.  But we have some more emails to look forward to, if Julian Assange is to be believed.  And we also see Donald Trump unafraid to raise uncomfortable issues about Hillary, the Dems, and the media.

This year is not like other elections.