Delusional Al Gore calls himself the ‘Jackie Robinson’ of global warming

Al Gore is the perfect poster boy for the corruption and hypocrisy of contemporary American progressivism.  Reputedly a billionaire from his error-ridden documentary film and books, speaking fees, and Apple directorship, he squanders energy on vast mansions and private jets.  Yet he urges the little people to give up their roomy vehicles and ride trolleys in order to “save the planet.”

As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit often says, we can start believing global warming advocates when they start living as if their C02 emissions mattered as much as ours.

As Ed Lasky points out, Gore has led a charmed life: “Son of a senator, political royalty,” and yet he now makes a completely inappropriate, indeed offensive claim.  Via the Washington Examiner:

As a man on a "great social mission," former Vice President Al Gore says he feels like baseball trailblazer Jackie Robinson, the messenger of integration who was often ridiculed and worse when he hit the bases as the first black to play professional ball.

"There is a time-honored tradition of people who strongly disagree with a message and take it out on the messenger, and opponents of integration had a personal animus for Jackie Robinson. Opponents of all the great social movements would take out after the advocates that were most effective in asking people to change," Gore told his one-time employer, Nashville's Tennessean newspaper.

"As a result, I don't take it personally when the criticism comes at me. I believe so passionately in this mission, if you will. The word 'mission' might sound a little grandiose, but that's kind of what it feels like to me. Honestly, it is a joy and a privilege to have work that justifies pouring every ounce of energy you can pour into it. That is a blessing that is to be cherished," he added in an interview to discuss the 10th anniversary of his movie and book, "An Inconvenient Truth."

If a Republican had compared himself to a black pioneer who overcame racism and poverty, the denunciations would already be deafening. I suspect that the corrupt “civil rights leaders” of the left will sigh and keep their mouths shut because Gore is perceived as an ally, despite the devastation high electricity prices inflict on poor families.

Gore strikes me as a deeply troubled man, rejected by his longtime wife, reportedly acting as a crazed sex poodle with a woman of lower status in a service occupation, and living a life that directly contradicts what he claims are his deep beliefs.

I hope Gore lives long enough for his karma to fully manifest.

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