At least one democracy does not hesitate to try, convict, and imprison its most prominent and powerful

At this very moment, Israel has in the bowels of its prison system one former president, Moshe Katzvav (sexual harassment) and one former prime minister, Ehud Olmert (fraud).  In a mind-blowing irony for Americans, yesterday a Muslim judge in the Israeli court system sentenced Dochi Dankner to prison for stock fraud.  Dankner is from an old elite family and is a billionaire ruling over a diversified empire.

Major shareholder and chairman of publicly traded IDB Group, Israel's largest diversified business group with assets of more than $30 billion, including interests in in insurance, biotech and finance. Dankner founded the Ganden Group, which holds the controlling interest of IDB. Has served as director and vice chairman of Bank Hapoalim, one of Israel's largest banks. Source: Forbes The World’s Billionaires

Nochi Danker, once one of Israel’s most powerful businessmen, with holdings ranging from telecoms to insurance, was convicted of stock manipulation by a Tel Aviv court.

The former controlling shareholder of IDB Holding Corp., Dankner was charged with improperly influencing IDB’s share price days before a planned securities issuance in February 2012, according to an e-mailed statement Monday from the Tel Aviv District Economic Court. The former tycoon could face as much as five years in prison, the Haaretz daily reported. 

As we try to absorb the meaning of FBI director Comey’s statement on Hillary Rodham Clinton, it is good to have a counterpoint in mind to know that things could be different if we willed it.  As a starting point, we can begin to regain America when we have one set of laws for every person, no matter his wealth or pedigree.

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