Anonymous source in Cruz camp sees set-up by Trump in Cruz speech

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I see that I am not alone in seeing that Donald Trump set up Ted Cruz last night.  An anonymous source within the Cruz camp complained to Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire that it was a trap:

Late Wednesday night, a source within the Cruz team informed Daily Wire exclusively that the Trump campaign had sandbagged Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) over his speech at the Republican National Convention. Cruz spoke at the RNC, where he congratulated Trump on his campaign victory, then spoke about the necessity for freedom and finally stated that Americans should “vote your conscience.” He was met with resounding boos on the floor of the convention; his wife Heidi had to be rushed from the room (snip)

[A] source, who was standing on the convention floor at the time of the speech, said that Trump operatives were present, urging the crowd to boo. “This was orchestrated by the Trump campaign to make Senator Cruz a pariah within the party,” said the source.

Not just the party, of course.  The television audience was far larger, and the very successful producer of reality TV produced a show with clear heroes and villains.  And more important than the drama's effect on Cruz is the building of the Trump brand.  The narrative of the spectacle portrays heroic triumph of good over evil, just as in pro wrestling and all the rest of reality TV that followed.

Hat tip: iOTWReport