All aboard the Trump Train

Politico's Glenn Thrush penned an article about his interview with Senator Ted Cruz and Cruz’s failure to endorse Donald Trump as of yet.  Thrush has Cruz holding off endorsing Trump for now.  In the lead sentence, he states, "One of these days, and maybe soon, Ted Cruz just might have to endorse Donald Trump."

Thrush elaborates:

But he’ll never concede Trump could have beaten him in a fair fight — and he’ll never accept that Trump’s me-first philosophy represents a sustainable future for the GOP. Above all, Cruz wants to use the big stage in Cleveland to present a non-Trump alternative vision for his party’s future, one rooted in constitutional conservative principles and competent campaign management modeled, oddly enough, on Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 White House runs. 'In this election I am where a great many voters are, which is that I am listening and watching and coming to a decision,' Cruz, the highest-profile Trump holdout heading into this week’s convention, told me when I asked him if he intended to throw his support behind the former reality TV star imminently.

Before I get into why the time for "listening and watching and coming to a decision" is over, I need to provide full disclosure.  Prior to Trump garnering sufficient pledged delegates, I was an ardent Ted Cruz supporter.  I voted for him in my state's primary.  I still like him.  I hope to see him continue his great work in the Senate and ultimately become president of the United States. 

However, Trump has won this round, fair and square.  He has done so by using the very rules the GOPe put in place to keep people like him and Cruz from being nominated.  He has essentially beaten them at their own game.  In this regard, Trump and Cruz have some commonality for one, they are both outsiders who got a lot farther along the presidential nomination process than their erstwhile GOPe naysayers. 

The continued caterwauling by the "Never Trump" crowd needs to stop.  The tepid support of GOPe stalwarts, such as Speaker Paul Ryan and majority leader Mitch McConnell, at best, damning Trump with faint praise and at worst publicly decrying his policy positions, needs to stop.  All these fair weather soldiers are doing is undermining their own candidate to the benefit of the Criminal from Chappaqua.  (If you think this part is too rough, we can change to simply "Clinton.") 

There is one guy to lead this final coalescence of the Republican Party.  That man is Ted Cruz, who was the last man standing until Trump, in Cruz's own words, "whipped me."  Ted Cruz and and his supporters, including the websites Wolf and Erickson, need to get on board the Trump Train.  They need to embody the Eleventh Commandment of Ronaldus Magnus and stop criticizing Trump and focus their energies on Clinton/Obama.

It's time for Achilles (Cruz) to stop sulking in his tent and march forward to help rally the troops.

Mike Ford is a sometime contributor to American Thinker, frequently edited by his lovely bride, who is a retired English teacher and high school principal.