About those Republicans who are skipping the convention...

It is good to know who the real conservatives are, who in Congress, which governors, which former candidates for president are stand-up people, and which of them are sore losers.  The list of the latter is shameful and depressing.  We knew that a great many of the establishment Republicans are cowards interested only in preserving their own privilege and power.

We didn't know how many.  Now we do.  The Bush family, Romney, McCain, even Kasich, the governor in whose state the convention is taking place.  They are not there.  Most of Trump's former opponents are not there.  The list of senators and members of the House is long and disgraceful.  Very bad form all around. 

They are telegraphing their support for Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt, dishonest politician to prevail for so long on the national stage in American history.  Another term with a radical progressive Alinskyite in the White House will be the end of America.  It will hasten our slide into Venezuela territory as the bank accounts of the Clintons and their sycophants swell like Chávez's, Fidel Castro's, and Putin's as they bankrupt their people to enrich themselves.  She used her position as secretary of state to make millions selling favors and access, past and future.  She will do worse if president.

Mr. Trump was last on the list of preferred candidates for a great many of us, for good reasons; he is uninformed about national security issues, foreign policy, domestic policy, the military, and more.  He is hardly a true conservative.  We learned this week that he "does not read books."  How to describe how he speaks?  To say like a fifth-grader may be an insult to fifth-graders.  But he has won the primary.  His simple message has resonated with millions of Americans who have been disenfranchised, disrespected, and dis-employed over the last nearly eight years.  They have seen the cost of their medical care skyrocket or their access to it vanish.  They have seen Obama dismiss ISIS as a jayvee team while Islamic terrorism has exploded around the globe.  They have seen Obama and Clinton embrace the racist anti-police rhetoric and violence of the BlackLivesMatter crowd, which is riled up and funded by George Soros with a litany of misinformation.  Millions of these Trump supporters voted Republican majorities into the House and Senate to no avail.  Obama has done whatever he has wanted to do, no matter how unconstitutional, illegal, or dangerous. 

How do we square the facts of Trump's seeming lack of qualification for the office with his business success (and failures) around the world?  His adult children seem to be hardworking, intelligent, gracious, and successful.  The same cannot be said for the children of all very wealthy people.  And they behave nothing like their unruly and unpredictable father.  We all have to respect that; raising children to be productive citizens is the hardest job on the planet.  

So whatever so many of us did not see in Trump a year ago, millions of others did see as a potential savior of a kind, and he is the candidate.  For so many Republicans to snub the convention and refuse to endorse him is a pathetic display of bad sportsmanship.  It is classless and graceless.  And now we know who they all are.  No Republican should ever respect or vote for any one of them ever again. 

Trump must win to keep the Clintons out of the White House.  They turned it into a tabloid soap opera for eight years in the nineties.  This time they will turn the country into their own personal cash cow while they rob the American people of their freedoms (1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment), their opportunities to rise and thrive, and further adulterate the population with refugees so that  an American culture will no longer exist.