A tarred admiral for Hillary’s VP?

The Hillary campaign has floated the possibility of retired admiral James G. Stavridis as a vice presidential pick, a man who appears to fit the mold of a Democrat military leader quite well.  He’s an intellectual, a military egghead with a Ph.D. and numerous other academic honors and accomplishments.  Under the Obama administration, he became the first naval officer to head up NATO as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and he was probably headed for greater heights in the Pentagon had he not become mired in a tacky scandal.

While Stavridis was serving as SACEUR, anonymous tipsters apparently provided sufficient evidence to justify the initiation of an extensive investigation into his reputed misuse of government aircraft and automobiles, unauthorized use of government communications, receiving unauthorized per diem compensation, and taking unreported gifts from foreign nations.  No wonder Hillary likes the guy.

The lengthy investigative report determined there were grounds to “take appropriate corrective action with regards to Adm. Stavridis,” but it was disregarded by über-progressive navy secretary, Ray Mabus, who concluded, “I have determined that Adm. Stavridis never attempted to use his public office for private gain nor did he commit personal misconduct.”

You should note that “I,” not “we,” nor “a lengthy naval investigation,” which is a not unexpected response from the arrogant and narcissistic Mabus, a Pentagonian prince not known for heeding subordinates or following naval tradition.  What’s likely is that Stavridis was a “four star” in favor with the Obama administration for his progressive sympathies in diversifying the Navy, and as we have most recently seen, under this administration, high-ranking, in-favor Democrat wrongdoers operate by a different set of laws and regulations from what we, the great unwashed, have to live by, so Stavridis walked.  However, the scandal must have been seen by the Obama administration as being sufficient to prevent further military advancement for Stavridis, since he retired in 2013 without additional promotion.

For those of you who might question the admiral’s qualifications to be vice-president, I say, “Hey, at least he’d go into the job with an up close and personal understanding of the Democrat system of justice.”

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