A novel excuse for Islamic terrorism in Munich

The German media is just as leftist and ridiculous as ours, and this has been further evidenced by the response to the latest shooting in Munich.  Predictably, the shooting by the 18-year-old “Iranian-German” of nine Germans outside a McDonald’s has led to calls for stricter gun control.  And we’ve also seen the usual explanation of “mental illness.”  I heard someone quip that mental illness is apparently widespread in Islam. 

But in addition to that, in a novel approach to exonerating Muslims of any culpability, the terrorist attack has been blamed on first-person shooting videogames.  While this is new and creative spin by the MSM, it also seems a bit retro.  Wasn’t it back in the ’90s when we were blaming videogames for society’s ills?  (Not that I’m a big fan of videogames – I just see Islamic terrorists as somewhat more imminent of a threat.)

From Die Welt: “The shooter was a pronounced first-person shooter player” (my translation).  On the comment boards, where one finds more frankness about these matters than in the articles themselves, the analysis is much more interesting.  Here’s a comment by “XX”:

The attacker here was the son of an Iranian immigrant.

The axeman came here two years ago from Pakistan. 

Was mich interessiert (What interests me): If both of these men weren’t here, would we have had this attack? [...]

And he goes on to point out that all of the claptrap about how the terrorist got the gun, first-person shooter games, mental illness, etc., is merely a distraction from the real issue: immigration.  I concur with XX.

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