35 young girls molested by 'foreign youths' at Swedish music festival

At least 35 young girls aged 12-17 were sexually assaulted by "foreign youths" at a Swedish music festival over the weekend.

The attacks appear to be similar to those carried out by Muslim men in Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve.

One victim believed that "hundreds" of young girls had been assaulted.

Daily Mail:

Ms Larsson described a feeling of powerlessness as the festival she and her friends had been looking forward to was completely destroyed.

'It was creepy. Someone stood around me and groped me and I had no idea who it was. It was sick. We had come there to have fun, but the festival only lasted 20 minutes for us because it was so uncomfortable.

'The groping was at first a bit innocent. Just a touch on the bottom. Something that you can do by mistake in a big crowd of people. But it became worse and worse after that. The one touching me was becoming more and more rough every time.

She said that the boys around them were about 17 or 18-years-old but 'those standing behind me were not from a Swedish background.' 

'They were probably immigrants. I hate to say it. But it is the truth,' she said.

'I have reported this to the police, but it feels like a drop in the ocean. I saw girls that came crying from the audience, including an old childhood friend who is two years younger. She cried so much that it broke my heart. 

'The same thing had happened to her in front of the stage. A bunch of teenagers hidden in the crowd had grabbed her bottom, breast and genitals .

'I think that at least hundreds were molested at the festival. There are probably loads of unrecorded incidents. Girls who have a low self esteem might think that it is their fault - that perhaps they did something wrong to provoke it. But they are wrong. Nobody gets to touch a woman without her own permission.

'I have heard of others who had been grabbed during previous festivals. But it was sick being subjected to it myself, especially because it was so rough. It was like a punch in the face that it actually happened.

'I could see crying girls everywhere around me when I left the festival. I don't know if they all had been groped, but most of them probably had been violated in front of the stage.

How pathetic is it that the girl is so reluctant to accuse immigrants of the crime?  I suppose you can't really blame her.  The pressure put on citizens in European countries to give refugees a pass on crimes like this is enormous.  You can be sure the young girl was feeling that pressure even while she identified her attackers.

The story does not say that the attackers were Muslim.  But given the reluctance of the young woman to identify the attackers beyond being "non-Swedish," it is logical to assume that at least some of the perverts were Muslim.

Incidents like this, no matter how widely publicized, will not change government policy.  They are committed to this open door policy and the political correctness that comes with it.