Why did he do it?

The analogy is war, and Omar Mateen is a soldier in this war.  Soldiers of Islam have a different morality from what our side has.

But the larger point is that you don't look for the motivation of a soldier when he shoots the enemy.

"Now, why did he do that?"

And if he is a soldier, we recognize that his compatriots have the same agenda, the same objective.  We don't say, "Just because that German lieutenant shot at us, let's not blame everybody in the German Army, or everybody in Germany."

The fact is, we do blame everybody supporting the war, and we certainly blame everybody in the army!

Framing the argument is critical.  If this guy is a lone wolf, we can, in fact, account for that, but it gives the appeasers an opening to bring in endless irrelevant considerations and slow-walk any reaction because of the things like this guy's childhood, his happiness at work, whether he is himself gay, etc.

Islam has declared war on America.  Its objective?  Dominance.  How?  Replace the Constitution with the Koran.  What are we going to do about it?  Surrender is always an option.  We don't think of it because that is not what we do.

But it is what Obama expects to do.  The frog in the pot strategy.  Turn the heat up one bit at a time.

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