What's the Narrative Going to Be?

With every major issue or event, the media and the pols scramble for the words to frame the story in terms they see as beneficial to their point of view.  Unvarnished truth is generally cast aside because it doesn't lead the listener to the desired conclusion. This process of shaping the story to fit the agenda is called " crafting the narrative ". 

Obama's narrative on terrorism is to remove any reference to Islam. Never mind that almost every incident of terrorism is inspired by and executed (no pun intended) by followers of Islam.

Hillary's narrative on illegally receiving and sending classified information via her unsecured, personal email server is "none of the emails were marked 'classified'." Never mind that classified material is always marked either "CONFIDENTIAL", "SECRET", "TOP SECRET", or with the special designations that go with material that is more sensitive than top secret. So it is true that the material she received and sent did not carry the specific word "CLASSIFIED " as a marking. She has created a "narrative" to cover her butt while fully intending to conceal the truth.

The recent horrific slaughter of innocents in the Orlando nightclub has the "narrative" generators in full action mode. The liberals are calling the Orlando massacre a result of insufficient gun control. The Obama sycophants are scrubbing any reference to Islamic terrorism out of any releases given to the press.

The Fort Hood shooting narrative was that it was "workplace violence". No reference to Islam until years later.

The narrative on the IRS targeting of conservative groups was just "the sloppy work of low-level agents". 

And so it goes. On and on the truth is shaded and obscured to fit the agenda for the moment. Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote a recent article on how citizens face severe penalties when being less than truthful to the government, but, the government is free to lie to Americans with only the ballot box to sanction the liars.

What will it take for us to get consistent and reliable truth from those in power?  I, for one, am weary of "narratives" that package the issues of the day. We deserve better -- but I don't know how to go about getting it.  Maybe we should adopt a narrative of "throw the bums out" and get some term limits to ensure they go.