What's a liberal to do?

Remember the story a few years back in which an endangered bird was eating an endangered fish?  Liberals are now faced with a similar conundrum in regard to the event in Orlando.  Here we have a member of one liberal protected group, Muslims, who just killed members of another liberal protected group, gays.  And it wasn't just one or two.  Fifty killed and 53 wounded as of last count.  Given the number of Islamic radicals known to exist in this world, gays have good reason to be worried. 

This isn't supposed to happen.  Both groups are misunderstood and oppressed minorities, deserving of rights and protections beyond those allowed to other Americans.  What's a liberal to do? 

It's obvious.  There's only one possible answer: change the subject.  Gun control.  Get rid of all the guns, and the problem will go away.  Ignore the fact that the guns were legally owned by a man who had previously worked as a security guard.  Ignore the fact that Islamic radicals want to kill not just gays, but anyone who disagrees with them, including other Muslims who don't toe their radical line.  The most important thing is to use the crisis to advance another liberal cause.

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