We don’t need gun control. We need Quran control.

Idiocy has taken hold, as Americans refuse to see the enemy before us.  This dangerous ignorance, willful or otherwise, is getting people killed.  I’m beginning to think nothing will wake people up, as their persistent focus in the wrong direction appears deeply entrenched.  (Wrong direction = gun control and/or coexist and/or don’t offend Muslims and/or it’s always the fault of the evil white Westerner, and so on.)

The commitment to self-destruction is so pervasive that one needn’t do exhaustive research to find examples of our plummet into the abyss.  For a taste of this easy-to-find evidence that popped up all over the place in recent days, consider how the jihad in Orlando was, and still is, referred to as a “mass shooting.”

Jihad may express itself as a mass shooting, but it’s driven by something unique to Islam that takes many forms – from kidnapping to rape to torture to murder to creeping sharia and all the sick and twisted hellish acts in the name of Allah that fall in between.

Other forms of stupid that cropped up this month included Mitch McConnell considering gun control measures because, you know, we don’t want guns to fall into the hands of terrorists.  Bill O’Reilly also jumped on that bandwagon, along with a host of others.  Surely these gentlemen must know that the bad guys always get the guns.  And if not guns, then knives.  Or swords (weapons of choice throughout Islam’s violent history of conquest).  Or bombs.  Or vehicles, used to ram into people.  Or any of the infinite ways devout Muslims following their scripture to maim and murder, whether targeting victims one at a time or en masse.

Here’s another gem from the barrage of insanity that swept the landscape in the wake of the Orlando terror attack.  Shortly after, a Jewish lesbian dhimmi was oh so very concerned about backlash against Muslims.  Apparently her own survival instinct was trumped by the urge to protect a demographic group that contains members who would love nothing more than to see her dead – whether because she’s a Jew, a because she’s a lesbian, or just because she’s not a devout Muslim.

And that’s the crux of it, isn’t it?

That all non-believers must submit, convert, or die.

There’s no mystery in the message, yet vast swaths of the populace prefer to live in ignorance and/or denial.  Of course, it’s easy to live in ignorance with leftists slogging out lie after lie as many on the right limp along in varying degrees of agreement.

And speaking of ignorance and denial, I came across this story (here) about a man (who thinks he’s a woman) who’s convinced the Orlando massacre happened because the jihadist (my word, not his) “didn’t understand.”  As if the murderous savage wouldn’t have done what he did if only he understood homosexuals.


And where oh where would we be without every arm of our government – and especially departments slated to protect us – doing the wrong thing?  Not to be outdone by FBI training materials being stripped of any reference to Islam, the DHS was instructed to avoid using words like “jihad” and “sharia” (among countless others), lest they offend Muslims.  Jeh Johnson struck again.

Then, as this abject stupidity swirled, there was ongoing controversy of all things Trump – in this case, with many accusing Trump of going too far regarding his views on how to deal with Islamic terror.  For one thing, a lot of folks are upset that he’s called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States because protecting ourselves from a demographic group with a holy book that mandates world domination is apparently racist and xenophobic.

I know.  I know.  Many will point out that not all Muslims want to kill us.  I get it.  The problem is, no one – not you, or me, or even the FBI – can determine which Muslims want to kill us, which ones don’t, and which ones might change their minds with an attack of sudden jihad syndrome.  Unable to determine which Muslims may or may not decide that today could be a fine day to head to Walmart to buy a pressure cooker to be used for nefarious purposes, or which ones privately sympathize with those carrying out acts of terror, it seems perfectly rational to exclude this demographic group from entering the United States.  That’s the price “moderate” Muslims (whoever they may be) will have to pay for us to stay safe.

We have no obligation to allow anyone to enter our country.  Being granted permission to come here is a privilege, not a right.  If Muslims (and Muslim apologists) are “offended” by the idea that we need to put the brakes on Muslim immigration, too bad.  Let the so-called moderate Muslims take it upon themselves to reform their religion so draconian measures need not be taken.  Until then, they will have to live with being offended so we can simply live.

Hat tips: Atlas Shrugs, The Daily Caller, Yahoo News, Times of Israel

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