Trump makes statement from Scotland on Brexit, turns it into advertorial for his golf course, and then goes full statesman

Old habits die hard for Donald Trump, apparently.  Addressing the world’s media in a press conference at his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, he used the first ten minutes or so to promote his property.  To say the least, we have never seen a potential president mix his business interests with the political stage.

As I write, he is responding to questions from the media and saying sensible things about Brexit, emphasizing that the British people are taking back control of their destiny.  It is pretty impressive.

I can only conclude that Donald Trump is a statesman in progress.  And now the entire world knows about his golf course and hotel.  So who's the dummy: Trump or the CNN commenters sneering at him?

He just promised that if elected, he would separate himself completely from his business interests, and that he came to Scotland in order to support his children, who developed the course.

Note to readers: Through the weekend, I am traveling in rural West Texas, where the internet access tends to be spotty and slow, so I may not be able to write as much as I would wish.  Texans are, as Mr. Trump would say, “fantastic.”

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