Trigger warning: Hillary avoids press

With abundant risk of micro-aggressions, Hillary ducks press conferences.

Hillary has held not one press conference in all of 2016 and opts instead for “safe space” interviews with friendly on-air media.  Both Trump and Sanders have slammed her for the lack of appearing before a full-bore media scrum.

There are so many unanswered questions about the Clinton Foundation, her email server, the FBI criminal investigation, and her inability to neutralize Bernie Sanders.  The MSM have finally realized that Hillary is in serious trouble, and they are hungry for some answers.

It appears that Hillary will continue to stonewall the media because she can.  She will clinch the nomination on June 7, when delegate-rich California and New Jersey voters go to the polls, and then on to the convention.

Team Hillary is likely avoiding the press for legal reasons as well.  She has yet to talk to the FBI about her handling of classified material (and possibly all of that “Clinton Cash”) and the best way to tell them a scripted story is to avoid talking to the press.