The Orlando shooter didn't complain about Gitmo before shooting people

We are learning a lot about the Orlando shooting.  We will probably know a lot more by the time this post is published.  We hear that he pledged allegiance to ISIS and may have shouted a few words in support of his fellow terrorists.     To my knowledge, he didn't say a word about Gitmo.     Over the last few years, we've heard a lot about how Gitmo recruits.  We heard it from President Obama over and over again.      However, Gitmo did not inspire the shootings in Paris or San Bernardino or now in Orlando. What evidence do we have that Gitmo is a recruiting tool? We don't have any, except a president who does not have the courage to admit he was wrong about Guantanamo in 2008.     In fact, Politifact looked at the controversy and concluded this: Analyses of jihadist propaganda materials show that Guantanamo is rarely mentioned, especially compared to other grievances...(Read Full Post)