The nonplussed gay American

While the American gay left engages in nonstop virtue-signaling, insisting that the Orlando terror attack happened because of a lack of love, I am not even remotely surprised at their reaction.  In fact, I am not surprised that they are believing the false narrative they are being fed by this current lawless administration.  For the better part of seven years, I have relentlessly put the facts about jihad under their noses, only to hear them tell me that it was the American Christian right that was their one true mortal enemy.

As a gay, right leaning counter-jihadist, I watched with cautious optimism as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.  The gay left reacted as if they had died and gone to heaven and seemed convinced that they would never encounter another problem for the rest of their lives.  As I write this, I wonder how many of these gay people now know that I was not the bigot that they accused me of being.  I wonder, in all honesty, how these people can be perfectly satisfied with having a president who isn't capable of keeping us safe.  Do they not know that this is one of the primary responsibilities of the president's job?

Will they ever recognize and acknowledge the numerous terror attacks that we have had in recent years for what they are?  Or will the corrupt, sold out media succeed in removing the phrase "terror attack" from their vocabularies entirely?

In all fairness, it is not just the gay left that has opened the door to this threat.  It is the entire left – their denial, their refusal to name the threat, and their unwillingness hold their own elected officials accountable to the voters.