The Judgment of Servitude

From the 20s to the late 40s of the last century, the Western elite's flirtation with Socialism/Communism was fashionably in vogue, and it took our near extermination by Collectivists and Darwinian pagans to relearn the recitation of every slave's longing -- that holy love of liberty.

How quickly it all falls apart when a sacrificial generation passes its baton to lovers of ease and pleasure -- to its very own spoiled children who wax dull and idiotic from a steady diet of self-love and intoxication.

When I was a young believer, I scorned ancient Israel for their fickle waywardness and how they traveled from righteousness to servitude in a generation's brief span. In truth, we have learned nothing over the millennia. A people rise in virtue and vision while their grandchildren soon pass under the yoke of delusion and bondage.

A land without rigor or restraint stares stupidly at fleeting sunsets as its sacred inheritance slips from unworthy hands. In truth, Man is doomed to his fate of cyclical decay, as the fairy tale becomes a bloody nightmare from which it is impossible to awaken.