The EU needed Britain more than Britain needed the EU

The economic lesson emerging from the Brexit vote is consistent with what those who favored the Leave campaign long suspected: continental Europe needed the U.K. far more than the U.K. needed Europe. The globalist dominoes will ideally begin to fall after Brexit as other leading nations realize they have unwisely hitched their economic wagons to parasites for the past several decades (see, e.g., the U.S.-Mexico relationship in NAFTA). The Brexit hysterifiers almost uniformly predicted that it would be a Black Friday indeed for the U.K. if they voted to leave, and the other members of the EU promised to punish Britain if it chose a divorce. Looks as though it was Britain that had the last laugh on the day after Brexit.  It wasn't the British markets that took the real hit.  That was borne by the continental Europeans: - The FTSE 100 finished down 3.1% - Germany's Dax dropped 6.8% - France's Cac closed 8.0% lower - Spain's Ibex ended down...(Read Full Post)