Supreme Court brings the 'War on Women' to Texas

I understand that the political left sees the recent abortion ruling from the Supreme Court as a big win.  As predictable as it was, I appreciate the obligatory victory laps now being taken by embattled Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, the NARAL clan, and the Queen Bee of Abortion, Hillary Clinton.

On the surface, there's reason for them to be excited.  First, the decision in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt was a 5-3 ruling.  That signals that along with the four left-wing court drones who, sharing the same brain, are decidedly incapable of breaking free from the intellectual chains of regressive liberalism, Justice Anthony Kennedy has committed his judicial legacy to denying the most fundamental right in American jurisprudence to inconvenient babies. 

Kennedy has become a steadfast abortion rights activist on the high court, meaning that even should the feckless Donald Trump somehow ascend to the presidency, and even if he should defy his lifelong commitment to legal abortion by appointing a pro-life nominee to replace Antonin Scalia, the Court is miles away from overturning the morally disastrous, medically untenable, and scientifically illiterate Roe v. Wade abortion mandate.

Truthfully, I would wager that even Chief Justice John Roberts would be hesitant to trifle with the "settled law" of Roe, leaving just Alito and Thomas as the sane justices voting to end our national embarrassment.

But the real story of this ruling has less to do with yet another routine miscarriage of justice coming from our black-robed oligarchs and more to do with the stunningly incoherent state of the victorious abortion lobby.  Merely behold the spectacle of a movement that has marketed itself as champions of women raucously celebrating a majority opinion that ruled that basic sanitation and emergency medical access required by state law in Texas violates the U.S. Constitution when applied to abortion clinics.

Let that sink in for a second.  Whether you are intellectually honest enough to acknowledge the ruthless desecration of human rights associated with murdering a child in the sanctuary of her mother's womb, I've yet to meet an individual who doesn't at least acknowledge the invasive and hazardous procedure that abortion requires.

According to court documents, at least 200 times a year in the state of Texas alone, something goes medically wrong during an attempted abortion.  Extrapolate that outward, and the number climbs into the thousands of medical emergencies per year stemming from abortion throughout the country.  These include everything from blood clots, hemorrhage, infection, sepsis, and injuries to the cervix to cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, renal failure, and shock.

As a result of these grave risks, to protect the women foolishly seeking an abortion in the first place, Texas required any facility conducting these dangerous procedures to have hospital admitting privileges, hallways wide enough to accommodate a stretcher should paramedics be called in during an emergency, and basic sanitary protocol for sterilizing and disinfecting medical equipment that is inserted into women's bodies.

Simply put, any movement that is dedicated to the well-being of women would not oppose such regulations by the state.  In fact, any movement even remotely attentive to the welfare of women would be demanding them.  Instead, the abortion gaggle applauds the defeat of these protections as a watershed triumph for their cause.

The Court's ruling can't be construed in any lucid way as a win for women.  Indeed, thousands of women around the country will now be distinctly less safe from medical emergency, bodily harm, and even death.  Yet the abortion lobby celebrates it.

There's only one conclusion that a fair-minded, rational thinker can come to: far from caring about vulnerable women, the "pro-choice" political movement uses them to advance its macabre obsession with unfettered freedom to murder unborn children anywhere, any place, and at any time, even if all but the face of the living baby has been delivered.

Any godless, self-absorbed culture that tolerates that is not long for this world.  Justifying inhumanity and injustice as "freedom and rights," abiding madness as the "law of the land," pretending that those who legitimize the psychotic violence of abortion are coherent and reasoned is the conduct of a degenerate society.

I fear that that is where we Americans find ourselves, with this mindless Court opinion nothing more than the awkward and futile intellectual hemorrhaging of a dying nation.

Peter Heck is a speaker, author and teacher.  Follow him @peterheck, email  or visit

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