Reuters polling shows overwhelming support for a Muslim entry ban in United States

The latest polling data from Reuters clearly shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans support a temporarily halt to all Muslims from entering the United States.

In its uncorrected form, the poll – made up of a five-day rolling average ending June 21 purports to claim a narrow edge of just 1.7% for those who oppose the ban (46.7%) compared to those who support it (45.0%).

But of the 1,502 respondents, 731 (49%) are Democrats, who tend to oppose (61%) versus approve (31%) the proposed ban, although Democratic support for the ban is still significant.  Just 474 (31.5%) of those surveyed were Republicans, who clearly approve (69%) of the ban in far larger numbers than oppose it (28%).  Independents are about evenly split (47% opposed to 44% in favor) over the idea of a ban.

Among the respondents, 613 (41%) voted for Obama in 2012, compared to just 364 (24%) who chose Romney in the last election.

When compared to currently known party affiliation distributions and the actual 2012 election results, a liberal bias of 13% to 16% is evident in the polling data.

Correcting for this bias reveals that at the national level, there is probably at least a 10% to 13% lead among the general public across all party lines and political leanings in favor of a temporary ban on Muslim entry.