Outrage compounded: San Jose mayor blames Trump for violence committed against his followers

The riot last night in San Jose, California was outrageous on its face – political violence committed with ethnic animus.  The San Jose police largely stood by as Trump supporters were violently assaulted.  But the mayor of San Jose made it even worse, blaming the victims and raising suspicions about the orders that were issued to police.

The Los Angeles Times:

“Our police officers have done an extremely courageous and professional job so far,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Associated Press by phone. “We’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.”

This woman, being pelted with eggs, bottles, rocks, and other debris, as police stand behind a locked glass door and watch, might disagree with this assessment:

The mayor, a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, criticized Trump for coming to cities and igniting problems that local police departments have to deal with.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo said.

There was irresponsible behavior aplenty, but it came from the San Jose Police and the anti-Trump rioters.  Mayor Liccardo is implying that the violence was justified and that a presidential candidate has no right to take the positions he has run on.

I know about Godwin’s Law, but it seems to me that in Germany, they also blamed the Jews for violence against them.

San Jose has a large Mexican-America and outright Mexican community (including a large but unknown number of border violators), so the mayor may feel he can vioate the civil rights of Trump supporters with impunity.

I hope some means (a civil rights lawsuit?) can be found to subpoena the orders given to the San Jose Police.

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