Obama's endorsement of Hillary has a downside for her

Barack Obama has just stiffed Hillary Clinton and dramatically reduced her chances of winning the upcoming presidential election.

Obama is arguably the worst president in the history of the country.  By any measure, he has caused enormous damage to the country and to ordinary Americans and left America itself and the lives of ordinary Americans in far worse shape than either was in when he took office.  His endorsement of Clinton and her acceptance of it means that she cannot run against his record or deny her role in crafting and implementing it.  His record is now her record, a record she has to take responsibility for.

Over and above her own history of incompetence and sleaze and dishonesty, of course.

Donald Trump must be laughing his head off.  Obama's endorsement is nothing more than another treasure trove of things to attack Clinton with.

Not that he needed more.

Rumor has it that Obama hates Clinton and always has and was looking for a way to throw her to the wolves, as he has done with so many others.

He found it.