Obama left a lot of DREAMers with nightmares outside the Supreme Court

As I've mentioned before in these pages, I support a limited plan to legalize those who were brought here by their parents.  My plan would legalize those young people who are doing well in school and staying out of trouble, who may even want to serve in the U.S. military. It would not be a path to citizenship or amnesty. It would simply legalize young people brought here by their parents.  My plan would not legalize their parents or every other relative. This week, President Obama left a bunch of these "DREAMers" crying outside the Supreme Court. So why was this case in the Supreme Court, anyway? First, President Obama, with Democrat majorities, did not legislate the problem.  They promised but did not deliver on immigration reform. Second, and worse, an angry President Obama reacted to the 2014 election (and the loss of the U.S. Senate) by waving the pen and signing an executive order legalizing millions.    It was arrogance...(Read Full Post)