Obama brings massive carbon footprint for his visit to Yosemite to hector us over global warming

President Obama and his family are enjoying Father’s Day in Yosemite National Park, a place of stunning natural beauty that refreshes the mind, the heart, and the soul. But of course, Obama being Obama and America needing constant correction of the evils of our ways,  the trip became yet another opportunity for Obama to lecture us on why we should never emit CO2 the way he does, because all that CO2 will warm up the planet, according to computer models that haven’t predicted anything correctly.

Oh, and it will also make the planet greener, literally, by providing the CO2 that plants need. But that is not what the president told us:

Obama remarked not just on the beauty of the parks but also the threats they're under from climate change. He said officials at Yosemite told him climate change has already forced some bird habitats to move further north and long-standing wetlands have begun to dry up. Across the country, Obama said rising seas threaten everywhere from the Everglades to New York's iconic State of Liberty.

"That's not the America I want to pass on to the next generation. That's not the legacy I think any of us want to leave behind. The idea that these places that sear themselves into your memory could be marred or lost to history, that's to be taken seriously. We can't treat these things as something that we deal with later," Obama said. "On this issue, unlike a lot of issues, there's such a thing as being too late."

Not only did President Obama bring a 40 car motorcade to Yosemite, causing no small amount of mirth on Twitter:



His aerial carbon emissions were spectacular:



Back at Castle Airport (formerly Castle AFB) near Merced. The CO2 has been spewing for days and days:

There already has been activity at Castle this week from jumbo jets delivering equipment and Marine One and Two, the presidential helicopters, said Joe Pruzzo, CEO of Castle Air Museum.

He said Air Force One doesn’t go anywhere without an entourage and plenty of backup. “You’ll definitely see a secure perimeter around it,” he said. “I would assume that Secret Service (would) have a perimeter around the airfield itself.”

Pruzzo said a maintenance crew is always close by in case the equipment needs servicing and a backup plane accompanies Air Force One. Also typically in the entourage, he said, is a jet that can provide in-flight refueling.

Well, at least all the CO2 will help the vegetation at Yosemite.