New York City proclaims a man who thinks he's a woman is a 'real woman'

A "factsheet" issued by the New York City Commission on Human Rights makes some astonishing claims about biology and gender identity.

They claim  that it's a "myth" that biological men are not "real women."

The commission published a “myths vs. facts” document on gender identity and expression after receiving a flurry of criticism over its transgender guidance that forces businesses to accommodate 31 different gender identities.

One of the “myths” listed is that “Transgender women are not ‘real’ women, and transgender men are not ‘real’ men.”

Next to that myth, the commission asserts the correct “fact”: “Gender identity is not based on one’s sex assigned at birth.” The implication is that one’s self-determined “gender identity” — rather than one’s biological makeup — is what makes a woman a woman.

Underneath the “myth” and “fact,” the commission offers an explanation of the issue.

“If someone’s gender identity is female, then that person is a woman – regardless of what her birth sex was – and she should be treated as a woman,” the document states. “Similarly, if someone’s gender identity is male, then that person is a man, and he should be treated as a man.”

The document also states that it’s a “myth” that, “The New York City Human Rights Law allows men to enter the women’s bathroom and vice versa.” The “fact” the commission offers to disprove that “myth” is “If an individual identifies as a man, he is not permitted to use the women’s room.”

The document explains this by stating: “The NYCHRL allows individuals to use the bathroom that is consistent with their gender identity.”

The implication, again, is that one need only self-identify as a woman to be a woman.

This unilateral repeal of a biological basis for gender identity is laughable. Note the "myth" that the law allows "men" to enter a "woman's" bathroom. because the commission has redefined the basic notion of biology as a basis for gender. 

This statement is, if possible, even more bizarre:

The document also states that it’s a “myth” that: “If the clients/students/customers at an agency/school/business object to transgender people using the facility of their choice, the agency/school/business should change its policies to satisfy those objecting.”

The commission explains this “fact” by stating: “Agreeing to the unfounded fears and misconceptions around transgender inclusive policies is unlawful and perpetuates discrimination.”

How is it possible to overcome such delusional thinking? When the inmates are running the asylum it is futile to try and bring them back to reality.

How can it be "unlawful" to disagree with their definitions of gender identity when we live in a country with the First Amendment? The only thing "unlawful" in all of this - not to mention kooky and absurd - is that notion that biology is irrelevant to whether someone is a male or female. 

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