Mother of NJ Zika baby flew to US to get treatment, will cost taxpayers $1 million for lifetime treatment of her citizen-baby

Congratulations, federal taxpayers! You get to pay for the lifetime treatment of the baby born to a Honduran woman who flew to the US to get treatment. Because of the birth-citizenship interpretation of the Constitution’s  14th Amendment, the baby gets United States citizenship, and is eligible for lifetime medical care courtesy of taxpayers.  The UK Daily Mail reports:

The Honduran mother who delivered what is believed to be the first baby to be born with a Zika virus-related condition in the New York tri-state area flew to America to specifically seek treatment. 

In an interview with Fox News Latino, the young mother whose name has not been released publicly, explained that her initial symptoms were 'underestimated' by medical doctors in her native land. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in February that it will cost at least $1million to treat a baby with Zika throughout their lifetime. 

I like to think about such claims on the federal treasury in personal terms. We should name some lucky taxpayers whose total federal income taxes will be consumed by care for this baby, and let them know that Zika baby is their ward, and every year when they pay income taxes, they are caring for this baby.

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