Michelle Obama shoots off her mouth in embarrassing tirade

First ladies generally are allowed considerable immunity from criticism, because they generally stick to feel-good issues, like literacy, roadside beautification, and other subjects most people can agree on. But not Michelle Obama, who has enjoyed some of the most unrealistic flattery in the history of first ladies, such as the concerted effort to convince the public she is a fashion icon.

After becoming the national food and exercise scold, provoking vast waste and mass starvation as public school students discard the unappetizing and skimpy lunches she has forced on school cafeterias, she has now turned toward outright slander of those who oppose the greenies. CNS News reports:

First lady Michelle Obama told graduates of the Santa Fe Indian School in Santa Fe, N.M., last week that “some of the loudest voices in our national conversation” say it’s okay to harm the planet and use our land, air and water “however we wish.”

I call BS. I challenge Mrs. Obama to find a single instance of someone sane saying, “it’s OK to harm the planet” or we can act “however we wish” with regard to land, air, and water during her time in the White House.

People can and do dispute whether or not certain things like emitting CO2 (when breathing, for instance) are harmful. But I don’t know of any sane person advocating harming the planet.

Michelle Obama has been handed a golden pass to easy street ever since she got into Princeton University and wrote a senior thesis demonstrating her difficulty writing and spelling the English Language at a 10th grade level. She got a made-up job at over $300,000 a year when her husband became a US Senator, and when she moved to the White House nobody was needed or appointed to replace her. Now, with her husband’s post presidency looming, she stands at the brink of fabulous wealth, as is the post-Clinton practice of Democrats leaving the presidency.

And she will still be angry, resentful, and libelous toward those who disagree with her.

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