Message from Orlando: Trump is right on Muslim immigration

The Orlando massacre by an American Muslim ISIS supporter, shooting 150 people while yelling "Allahu akbar" ("Allah is supreme"), has definitively and tragically proved Trump right.  We need to halt Muslim immigration until the jihad threat is resolved, or Americans will be killed at home by Muslim terrorists.       

Obama and Hillary still think they can shame the public into silence by accusations of Islamophobia and racism.  Trump knows how to handle them.  He is taking the need to halt Muslim immigration and tying it to both saving lives and his populist theme of helping all Americans, white, black, and Hispanic.  In response to the racism libels, he is stressing how Democrat policies hurt black and Hispanic Americans.

As I wrote elsewhere on these pages today:

Voters agree with Trump that we should stop Muslim immigration to this country.  Even a local poll in liberal California showed 59% of voters strongly or somewhat agree with Trump.  So Trump’s detractors have largely stopped calling him anti-Muslim, and switched to the short-hand “racist”.  Being labeled racist is not unique to Trump, of course.  Democrats call all Republicans racist.  Race-baiting their black voting bloc, and pandering to their white voters’ smug sense of moral superiority, is Democrats’ single most important electoral advantage. (snip)

Trump is both informed and fearless re jihad in America.  When libeled a racist, he goes on the offensive.  He is not cowed by Democrat or Republican mudslinging, whether from Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.  Being independent and politically incorrect is not trivial, but crucial to appeal to voters, protect our safety and our freedoms.