Many in the left don't want to see what is happening out the window

We've all been there before.  We've all refused to deal with a reality at some point in our lives and conveniently taken the distraction exit. We are watching something like that after the Orlando shooting.  Let's check out some of the things that we've been hearing about the terrorist attack in Orlando.   First, we hear that he was not directed specifically by ISIS.  However, he carried out a mission that made ISIS very happy.  So do we need to find a letter from ISIS welcoming the terrorist to the club?  Do we have to find a membership number along with car rental or cell phone benefits?  Are we this silly? Second, we have the usual shift to gun control.     Third, we see the failure to connect the dots and the P.C. attitude leashing our law enforcement agencies, as Bill Gertz wrote: Security analysts said the attack exposed failures of the administration’s counterterrorism policies that were...(Read Full Post)