Lefty NY Mayor de Blasio used a spreadsheet of campaign donors in making political appointments

Bill de Blasio, the hard-left mayor of New York City, is going down as a historically corrupt figure (which is saying something for New York City). Currently the subject of no less than five official investigations:

 …historians have been hard-pressed to find a mayor who, along with his administration and inner circle, was ever the subject of as many simultaneous investigations — conducted by as many different agencies — as Mayor Bill de Blasio now faces.

“I can’t recall any other sort of perfect storm like this, coming from all those different angles,” said Daniel Czitrom, a professor of history at Mount Holyoke College and the author of “New York Exposed: The Gilded Age Police Scandal That Launched the Progressive Era.”

The city’s newspapers are now competing with one another for leaks from these investigations, and the left-leaning New York Daily News has a doozy (to use an adjective popularized by the city’s iconic Mayor LaGuardia).

When Mayor de Blasio began handing out prestigious appointments to obscure boards and committees in his first months in City Hall, he turned to a system of cash for cachet.

His team assembled an elite spreadsheet of major campaign donors, powerful lobbyists and celebrities as candidates for the coveted slots doled out by de Blasio.

This internal spreadsheet — obtained by the Daily News — reveals a blatant and highly choreographed effort to reward donors and New York power players with high-profile VIP appointments.

The 2014 list even goes so far as to suggest that de Blasio appoint lobbyists who were and are actively lobbying his administration on behalf of their wealthy clients.

A real man of the people, isn’t he? Read the entire NYDN story for numerous examples of the way in which “politics in command” (to use an old Communist slogan) operated under deBlasio.

I hope that the story of de Blasio’s corruption will unfold in public during the presidential election, to offer a counterpoint to Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and other progressives (including Jane Sanders) arte as greedy as anyone, but more hypocritical.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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