Labor union declares newspaper downsizing due to 'right wing plot'

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) is one of the most far left labor unions in the country, having supported the idea of "community radio stations" and a "living wage."  Now, a petition on the union's website accuses a large media company of taking part in a "far right conspiracy" because the newspapers owned by the company are downsizing. No, really. Washington Times: The Communications Workers of America is fighting efforts to cut staff at the Denver Post and other newspapers by accusing Alden Global Capital, which controls Digital First Media, of a “far-right” conspiracy that involves jettisoning unfriendly reporters. “Alden Global Capital, a secretive hedge fund with ties to the Republican Party and the far right, has been quietly buying up newspapers around the country,” says a petition on the labor website #AldenExposed. “Its executives stash money in notorious tax havens worldwide and...(Read Full Post)