Judicial madness: Judge rules a woman, born as a man is legally 'non-binary'

The legion of protected minorities in America just got an add on.

Jaime Shupe, a male army veteran who trainsitioned to a woman in 2013, was able to convince a brainless judge that he was neither male nor female. 

Enshrined in the annals of American jurisprudence: Shupe is now legally 'non-binary."


"It feels amazing to be free from a binary sex classification system that inadequately addressed who I really am, a system in which I felt confined," Shupe said.

Shupe was assigned the gender of male at birth, but started transitioning to a female in 2013, more than a decade after retiring from the military as a sergeant first class, Shupe said.

Shupe, who lived in Pittsburgh at the time, said transitioning to a female was the only option available then.

I'm an od fashioned guy so someone is going to have to explain to me how you transition to "non-binary" human being. Do you just cut it all off? Maybe take a little of both (the good bits)? 

But Shupe said male or female titles didn't seem fitting, and preferred to use the first name, Jamie, instead of a pronoun. In April, Shupe filed a petition for a gender change.

"Oregon law has allowed for people to petition a court for a gender change for years, but the law doesn't specify that it has to be either male or female," said civil rights attorney Lake J. Perriguey, who filed the petition.

"The law just says, 'change.' Historically, people have asked for a gender change from male to female and the other way around, but Jamie is the first to ask for the gender of "nonbinary," Perriguey said.

So, the madness grows. I look forward to the day when there are thousands of genders, all reporting to the federal government's "Department of Gender Switcheroo." Thus is America transitioning to a better place.

A very confused place. But better, right?




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