John Brennan’s pap on the motivation of ISIS

The relentless race toward our undoing knows no bounds as we are subjected to a daily barrage of abject stupidity and willful evil.  Take, for example, CIA director John Brennan.  In the wake of the Islamic terror attack in Turkey, Brennan stated: “I’d be surprised if Daesh is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States.”

Seriously, Mr. Brennan?  You don’t say.

Yahoo News reports:

… Asked about Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, Brennan declined to criticize the presumptive nominee directly but mentioned that his fellow spymasters, particularly in the Middle East, are concerned that comments coming from “some political quarters” in the U.S. are feeding extremist narratives. ...

… Brennan contemplated every spymaster’s darkest fear: the possibility, however remote, that a mole has penetrated his service. “If you’re part of an intelligence organization, counter-intelligence needs to pervade everything that you do,” Brennan said. “One should never assume that there is not a mole in your organization.” ...

Unfortunately, our nation has been so deeply infiltrated by those who do not have our best interests at heart that none of this absurdity should come as a surprise – neither the fact that the head of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States proclaimed that ISIS (aka “Daesh”) may well be plotting a terror attack here (duh) nor that the CIA director advanced the false narrative that violence perpetrated by ISIS is fueled by comments made by those in certain “political quarters.”

There’s only one thing that fuels “extremist narratives” in the Muslim community: the teachings of Mohammed as written in the Quran, the Sunnah, and the Hadith.  But Brennan is pushing the notion that if only we would stop saying things or doing things that in any way offends or upsets any Muslim anywhere in the world, all will be well – this, of course, is hogwash.

The now familiar meme that places responsibility for Islamic terror at the feet of those who speak the truth about it is a loaded one because not only is it a lie, but it also validates Islamic blasphemy law.

I would suggest that those who want to uphold Islamic blasphemy law move to any one of a large number of countries where Islamic law is firmly set in place.  The president can tell you the precise number you have to choose from.  I think it’s 57.

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