Liberal self-hating Jews find a standard-bearer in Bernie Sanders

I don't know where and when we Jews learned to hate ourselves.  I guess it's that so many millions of people hate us that we feel it's easier to go along with them.  We assume we must have deserved it if we were almost wiped out during WWII, and now Iran (aided by Obama's nuclear negotiations) wants to do it again.

In the concentration camps, some Jews identified with the Nazis and shoved each other into ovens.  In The Bridge on the River Kwai, Alec Guinness identified with the Japanese and tried to save the bridge he had built for them.

Now many of the self-hating Jews have turned against Israel and side with the Palestinians, claiming that the Jews have cruelly settled into an "occupation" of the West Bank.

Bernie Sanders, an awkward self-hating Jew, picked a platform abandoning Israel.  I guess being a clumsy, simplistic, ideological Jew is too much for him to admit.  He'd rather identify with the enemy so he doesn't have to recognize that he is one of the hated. 

Sanders would  rather side with the Palestinians and pretend he is not what he is.  Maybe it will keep him out of the gas chamber.  Maybe he can push his family in instead.

Democrat Jews do not want to see Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  They hate Israel.  They hate themselves.  They are their own worst enemies, like the editors of National Review belittling Donald Trump and cutting their own throats.

Liberal Jews love Palestinians because it makes them feel that they are generous in spirit and forgiving.  They don't care about the Jews who have been blown up on buses.  They don't care about women's mutilations or men stoning their wives for their own adultery – see The Stoning of Soraya M for more on that.

Democrat Jews feel sorry for the Palestinians who tie suicide belts to their own children – as if it is Democrats' fault for not sharing their incomes, giving Palestinians food stamps, and helping them along. 

Liberal Jews defend horrid Palestinians because they think it makes them look generous.  There is nothing generous about self-betrayal.

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