It's not about guns

After such a horrific terrorist attack, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, one might think the left would put their “disarm everyone so only the criminals have guns” agenda on hold for a day or two.  No such luck.  Obama and all of his minions, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, immediately jumped on the gun control bandwagon and blamed this monstrous event on the guns!  Not the shooter.  Not Islamic terrorism, those two words Obama refuses to utter. This is beyond pathetic.  By now it should be obvious to every person on the planet that this is insane!  What if this piece of pond scum had used a bomb or his Ford F150 pickup, or had wielded a Samurai sword to kill and maim all those people?  Oh dear.  What would Obama have had to say about that?  He would have had to rely on his “hate crime” mantra and would not have been able to juice up...(Read Full Post)